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New Woodpecker Dental Endo Radar Pro Brushless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

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A newly upgraded endomotor from DTE, Woodpecker, Endoradar Pro is designed to provide the dentist with an effortless way to safely prepare the root canal.

This device is very gratifying for the endodontist as it eliminates the requirement of two separate equipments, for working length determination and biomechanical preparation. The Two-in-One function of this device with a compact handpiece allows the dentist for an accurately shaped root canal by reducing the risk of procedural mishap.

Key Highlights

High Performance Brushless Motor:
The brushless motor in this device is engineered for high performance, offering reduced noise and minimal vibrations. This results in a smoother operation, enhancing the overall experience for both the dental professional and the patient. With its advanced design, the brushless motor ensures a reliable and consistent power output, facilitating precision in dental procedures.

Two-in-One Function:
This innovative feature includes an auto-apical reverse function that automatically prevents over-instrumentation. The function intelligently reverses the direction of the file upon reaching the apical region, thereby safeguarding the canal’s integrity and minimizing the risk of procedural errors.

Integrated Apex Locator:
The integrated apex locator provides a real-time display of the file’s position within the root canal, offering high precision during root canal therapy. This feature allows for more accurate and controlled canal shaping, as the dentist can monitor the file’s progress and make immediate adjustments as needed.

Ultra-Compact & Cordless Handpiece:
Designed for comfort and ease of use, the ultra-compact handpiece is cordless, reducing clutter and improving maneuverability. This design ensures better hand feeling and significantly reduces hand fatigue during prolonged dental procedures, allowing for greater precision and control.

Super Mini Contra-Angle:
The super mini contra-angle is specially designed to enhance accessibility to difficult-to-reach areas, such as the last molar region. Its compact size enables dentists to navigate the mouth more easily and perform procedures in tight spaces without compromising patient comfort or procedural outcomes.

360° Rotatable Contra-Angle:
Flexibility in operation is key, and the 360° rotatable contra-angle provides unmatched convenience. This feature allows the dentist to adjust the angle of approach effortlessly, facilitating easier access to all areas of the mouth without the need for repositioning the handpiece constantly.

6:1 Gear Ratio:
The 6:1 gear ratio is optimized to ensure low speed and controlled rotation, even under high torque conditions. This balance is crucial for delicate dental procedures, providing the dentist with the ability to perform precise, controlled movements that are essential for patient safety and procedural accuracy.

Adjustable Reciprocating Angle Range:
With an adjustable reciprocating angle range from 20° to 400°, the device offers superior control over the angle of file movement. This adjustability allows for accurate angle control, which is vital for the success of endodontic procedures and for customizing the treatment to the specific needs of each canal.

ATR Mode:
ATR Mode, or Auto Torque Reverse Mode, is a smart feature where the file reciprocates to a set angle when it reaches the pre-set torque value. This function enables more efficient and safer canal preparation by reducing the risk of file breakage and improving the cutting efficiency.

Touchable Smart Luminous Panel:
The device features a touchable smart luminous panel, which simplifies the operation and maintenance of the machine. With an intuitive interface, the panel ensures that all necessary adjustments and settings can be made quickly and easily, enhancing the workflow and reducing setup time.

Wireless Charging & Large Capacity Battery:
Wireless charging technology provides the convenience of cable-free charging, while the large capacity of the battery ensures extended operation time. This feature eliminates the need for frequent recharging and allows the handpiece to be used for longer sessions, making it ideal


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