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Eighteeth Medical Helios 500 Dental Intraoral Scanner

Original price was: $6,830.00.Current price is: $5,630.00.

Helios 500 Dental Intraoral Scanner

Your ideal IOS,

Helios 500

Make Digital Affordable for Every Dentist!
No More Discomfort of Impressions, Benefit from Digitization Now.


Why Helios 500?

Fit for your budget

The price of HELIOS 500 is affordable by almost everyone, and at the same time, it provides high performance

Improve your digital workflow

One of the most accurate and fastest scanners on the market.

Free your hands

Automatic and adaptive calibration, manual calibration is not necessary any more.

Make your experince comfortable

Smaller and lighter while achieving a 16mm x 14 mm
high-definition field of view.
More friendly to people with sensitive teeth.
(The air duct inside the body has been upgraded.)


As one of the most accurate scanners on the market, HELOS 500 has reached the state of the art accuracy level-the average deviation of a in-vivo full arch scan is around 20.0 μm.


Scan a full arch in less than 30 seconds with HELLIOS 500.


Only 185 grams, one of the most lightweight scanners on the market, well-balanced, ergonomically designed, and easy to care.

Ai technology

Ai technology filters the soft and moving tissues, offering users a smooth scanning experience and generating a natural-looking treatment outcomes


Button for switching the upper jaw, lower jaw and bite mode.

Detachable cable

Firm body design with durability

Attitude sensor for a better interaction with customers.

USB port for power delivery and data transfer.
Replaceable with Type-C port.



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