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Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing Refills | Worldwide Delivery

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The Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing system is a comprehensive solution specifically designed for the finishing and polishing of composite restorations in dentistry. It is a versatile system that effectively buffs the surface of the restoration, resulting in a smooth and well-contoured finish.

Using the Enhance system is a straightforward process. As pressure is applied during the polishing procedure, the abrasive particles within the cups, discs, and points disengage, allowing them to effectively buff the surface of the composite restoration. This mechanism ensures that the restoration achieves the desired smoothness and contour. The Enhance system is designed to be highly effective in achieving optimal results while being user-friendly for dental professionals. It offers a range of cups, discs, and points that cater to various contours and areas within the restoration, ensuring versatility and precision during the polishing process.


  • Pressure-Responsive Polishing: The Enhance system utilizes a pressure-responsive mechanism, where the abrasive particles disengage from the components as pressure is applied.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: By achieving a smooth and polished finish, the Enhance system enhances the aesthetics of composite restorations.
  • Time-Efficient Procedure: The system enables dentists to accomplish the entire finishing and polishing process in a single step.
  • Quality and Reliability: The Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing System is developed by a reputable dental manufacturer known for producing high-quality dental products.
  • Compatibility with Standard Handpieces: The Enhance system is compatible with standard dental handpieces or contra-angles, making it convenient to incorporate into existing clinical workflows.


Key Specifications:

Enhance Finishers are available in 3 shapes to handle a variety of clinical applications

  • Enhance Finishing Cups are ideal for cervical and proximal line angle areas as well as molar cusps
  • Enhance Finishing Points are ideal for posterior occlusal and concave lingual surfaces
  • Enhance Finishing Discs are ideal for facial surfaces and incisal edge contouring


  • Pack of 30
Direction of use:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Ensure that the composite restoration is fully set and ready for finishing and polishing.
  • Clean and dry the restoration surface thoroughly before starting the procedure.

Step 2: Selection of Abrasive Components

  • Choose the appropriate cups, discs, and points from the Dentsply Enhance Finishing & Polishing system based on the contours and areas of the restoration you will be working on.
  • Ensure that the selected abrasive components are securely attached to the handpiece or contra-angle.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Begin with the finishing process by gently applying light pressure on the composite restoration surface.
  • Move the abrasive components in a controlled and systematic manner, following the contours of the restoration.
  • Maintain a consistent and even pressure during the entire process, ensuring proper contact between the abrasive components and the restoration surface.
  • Adjust the speed and movement of the handpiece or contra-angle according to your preference and the specific requirements of the restoration.

Step 4: Polishing

  • After the finishing process, switch to the polishing step for achieving a smooth and lustrous finish.
  • Continue to apply light pressure while using the polishing cups, discs, or points on the restoration surface.
  • Use gentle, overlapping motions to cover the entire surface area of the restoration.
  • Pay attention to areas that require extra polishing, such as proximal contacts or occlusal surfaces.
  • Take breaks as needed to inspect the restoration and ensure that the desired finish is achieved.

Step 5: Final Evaluation and Cleaning

  • Once the desired finish is obtained, evaluate the restoration under proper lighting conditions to ensure satisfactory results.
  • Remove any residual polishing material from the restoration surface by rinsing it with water or using an air-water spray.
  • Dry the restoration thoroughly and perform a final assessment to ensure it meets the desired aesthetic and functional criteria.



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