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Dental Pulp Devitalization Paste 6gm Jar

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Pulp Devitalizer (As Voco Depulpin)
Long Expiration Date 2023-01

PULP-X is a paste preparation for devitalization of the pulp. 
Pulp-X is a non-arsenic strong effect dental pulp devitalization paste for treating pulpitis, which is caused by infection bacteria that is a second development of caries (tooth decay). It is used as an additional devitalizing medicine for the secondary treatment, on teeth and root canals. Also works great as a pain relief and proven in the case of pulp inflammation. Works as anesthetic as well. Ideal for pulp devitalization prior to mortal extirpation and residual devitalisation after removal of non vital pulp tissue.


  • For pulp devitalization
  • For residual devitalization after removal of non-vital pulp tissue


  • Fast acting pain releasing formula


1X 6grams Plastic Jar


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