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Dental Brix 3000 Dental Caries Remover Dentin Caries Enzyamtic Remover (Pack of 4)

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Enzymatic gel for non-traumatic caries removal

This gel is a dental product for non-traumatic caries treatment involving an enzymatic activity ( 3.000 U/mg*) in which the papain is bio-encapsulated by using EBE Technology (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion) exclusive technology that immobilizes and confers stability, which increases the enzymatic activity of the final product exponentially with respect to current technology. Thus, the following is achieved: higher proteolysis effectiveness to remove collagen tissue in decayed tissue, less dissolution of active principle by oral fluids, greater resistance to storage even in unfavorable conditions, without requiring cold-chain preservation, and greater antibacterial and antifungal potency with an increase in antiseptic effect on tissue.

* U/mg: International units to measure a specific enzymatic activity or the concentration of enzymatic activity.

Brix3000 contains excipients authorized by ANMAT (Argentine Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices), thus ensuring high toxicological security.

Brix 3000 holds dermatological certificates attesting to the non-toxicity of the product to mouth, skin or eyes, and demonstrating that it does not provoke any type of reactions when it comes into contact with healthy tissue.

Brix 3000 and EBE Technology national and international patents, registrations and clearances are exclusive property of Brix SRL Argentina y Brix USA LLC Laboratory

Previous preparation: if necessary, enlarge the diameter of the cavity with manual or rotary instruments if available to get an expulsive cavity. In case of large lesions, apply directly.

1. Relative isolation of target tooth with cotton ball. 2. Apply BRIX3000 with a blunt spoon allowing the chemistry to work for 2 minutes.

3. Remove material with blunt spoon with pendulum movement and without pressure.

  • If necessary, repeat the procedure to get to healthy dentin
  • Confirm the presence of healthy dentin with caries explorer and detector
General Questions asked by Dental Professionals :
  1. How many caries does a Brix3000 tubes yield?
    With its 90 applications (30 per each ml) yields at least 45 caries depending on the cavity size.
  2. What presentations of Brix3000 are available?
    3.0 ml. multi-dose ecological tubes. Its secondary packaging is made of inviolable cardboard boxes containing syringe with its corresponding label and patient package insert. It does not require cold-chain preservation.
  3. Does Brix3000 replace the drill?
    In many cases it does. Sometimes, in cases of retentive cavities, the drill is used as a complement to turn them expulsive to facilitate their treatment.
  4. What happens if a patient ingests Brix3000?
    Nothing, since it is made of innocuous, authorized active ingredients and excipients in compliance with competent sanitary authorities.
  5. What happens when your skin comes into contact with Brix3000?
    Brix3000 does not cause dermal irritation since it has been dermatologically tested.


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