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3m Espe Relyx Luting 2 Refill Packs

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The revolutionary 3M ESPE RelyX Luting 2 Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement, a transformative dental solution that reshapes the way we approach restorative procedures. Seamlessly merging effortless handling with proven clinical excellence, this remarkable cement is poised to redefine your dental practice. With an unmatched focus on user-friendly application and exceptional clinical results, RelyX Luting 2 Cement by 3M ESPE sets a new standard for cementation. Be it PFM crowns, bridges, or implant abutments, this cement effortlessly bridges the gap between simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring optimal outcomes with every application.

Beyond its prowess in restoration, RelyX Luting 2 Cement features a groundbreaking fluoride-releasing formula that not only restores smiles but also actively promotes dental health. This innovative feature is especially beneficial for patients susceptible to caries, extending the impact of dental care beyond the immediate procedure. One of the standout features of RelyX™ Luting 2 Cement is its swift clean-up mechanism facilitated by a cutting-edge tack light-cure option. Infused with initiators, this approach revolutionizes the removal of excess cement, turning a previously time-consuming task into a swift and efficient process. A mere five-second tack light-cure renders excess cement easily manageable, streamlining procedures and enhancing the overall experience.

Simplifying procedures further is the Clicker™ Dispenser, a testament to 3M™ ESPE™’s commitment to efficiency. This dispenser, accompanied by two distinct-colored pastes, ensures not only a consistent and uniform mixture but also precise application, minimizing room for error and maximizing the accuracy of the restoration process. Versatility is another hallmark of RelyX™ Luting 2 Cement. From PFM crowns to metal restorations, endodontic posts, and even orthodontic appliances, this cement caters to a diverse array of dental needs, showcasing its adaptability and reinforcing its role as a multifaceted solution.

The cement’s bond strength is equally noteworthy. Establishing a molecular bond with tooth surfaces eliminates the need for a separate tooth conditioner, streamlining the procedure while ensuring a secure restoration placement. Moreover, patients benefit from reduced post-operative sensitivity, enhancing their comfort and overall satisfaction. Manipulating the cement’s gel state adds another layer of efficiency to procedures. Practitioners can either employ a quick light-curing session or allow the cement to self-cure, tailoring the approach to their workflow. Once the excess cement reaches a gel state, its removal becomes remarkably straightforward, reducing procedural complexities.


  • Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement
  • Suitable for PFM crowns, metal restorations, endodontic posts, orthodontic appliances, all-zirconia or all-alumina core-ceramic restorations
  • Sustained fluoride-releasing formula for dental health (FR)
  • Initiators enable 5-second tack light-curing (TLC)
  • Convenient dual-colored pastes for homogeneous mixing (CD)
  • Molecular bonding, exceptional shear bond strength (BS)
  • Minimal post-operative sensitivity (LOS)
  • Manipulate excess cement’s gel state for removal (GSC)
  • Streamlined application and workflow (EH)

Key Specifications:

  • Cement Type: Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI)
  • Fluoride Release: Sustained fluoride-releasing formula for enhanced dental health
  • Tack Light-Cure Option: Initiators enable 5-second tack light-curing for quick clean-up
  • Clicker™ Dispenser: Convenient handling with dual-colored pastes for homogeneous mixing
  • Bonding Strength: Molecular bonding to tooth surfaces, exceptional shear bond strength
  • Post-Operative Sensitivity: Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with Elipar™ S10 Curing Light and other conventional light-curing devices



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