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The 3M™ (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Materials are cutting-edge dental products designed to revolutionize the impression-making process. Boasting an impressive array of benefits, these materials offer exceptional flow into hard-to-reach areas and extended working time, ensuring precise detail capture for larger restorations and moisture-prone conditions. Patients will delight in the refreshing mint flavor and seamless removal process. The “snap-set” feature sets these materials apart, providing a stress-free experience. Unlike VPS materials, these polyether formulations maintain consistent viscosity throughout the working time, guaranteeing reliable results. With a total setting time of just 6 minutes, these impression materials strike the perfect balance between efficiency and accuracy. Their distortion-free nature ensures optimal outcomes, making them a valuable asset in the dental practitioner’s toolkit. Trust in 3M™ for superior dental solutions that prioritize both professional excellence and patient comfort.


  • Proven Benefits for Challenging Cases
  • Excellent Flow into Difficult-to-Reach Areas
  • Extended, Uncompromised Working Time
  • Ideal for Capturing Precise Detail in Larger Restorations
  • Suited for Moist Conditions
  • Fresh Mint Taste for Patient Comfort
  • Easy and Convenient Removal Process

Key Specification:

  • Variants: Regular and Soft Set
  • Flowability: Excellent for tough spots
  • Consistency: Maintains consistency throughout working time
  • Taste: Fresh mint for patient comfort
  • Removal: Easy and hassle-free
  • “Snap-Set” Feature: Minimizes stress, starts setting when working time ends
  • Suitable for: Larger restorations and moisture-prone conditions

3M Espe Monophase Single Pack -Regular

  •  1 x Soft Monophase base paste 300 ml
  •  1 x Soft Monophase catalyst  60 ml








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